Year 3 English

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The LKS2 National Curriculum content for Year 3 is arranged in a mix of fiction, non-fiction and poetry blocks focusing on different text types. Blocks are divided into units, each of which covers objectives across the Year 3 English curriculum, with an emphasis on introducing the core text, comprehension, composition or SPAG.

Summer Blocks

Fiction 5 Units

Read Michael Morpurgo’s sea stories Dolphin Boy and The Sandman and the Turtles to explore his use of characterisation, dilemmas, dialogue, word classes and the perfect tense.

Stories on a Theme: Sea Stories

Non-fiction 5 Units

Explore non-chronological reports about video games. Revise word classes and study dialogue punctuation. Read/write informal and formal reports. Design and present a new game.

Reports: Video Games

Poetry 5 Units

Explore calligrams, poetic portraits and shape poems. Analyse features of poetry. Explore tenses, conjunctions and prepositions. Write, improve and present your own shape poems.

Poetic Forms: Shape Poems

Fiction 5 Units

Enjoy Dick King-Smith’s The Hodgeheg. Explore plot, character and dialogue. Study speech punctuation and adverbs for time, place and manner. Write a new animal adventure.

Modern Fiction: The Hodgeheg

Non-fiction 5 Units

Explore the power of persuasion in advertising. Children play with language, create adverts and promote healthy habits. Grammar includes conjunctions and expanded noun phrases.

Persuasive Writing: Advertising

Poetry 5 Units

Use animal poems to stimulate discussion and analysis. Study description, expanded noun phrases and adverbs. Use them in writing poems about endangered animals.

Poems on a Theme: Animal Poems

Fiction 5 Units

Outstanding texts – King of the Sky and Perfect – enable a particularly creative and stimulating Block, taking in dialogue punctuation and using paragraphs. Explore complex emotional issues and express feelings through writing.

Stories on a Theme: Emotions